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Very Late Season Snow

Duluth, MN

May 19, 2019

Radar loop, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Duluth, MN
Ending 1:13 PM CDT (18:13 UTC), May 19, 2019

Rain began in Duluth around 5 AM CDT then started mixing with snow in the higher elevations after 6:30 AM. The precipitation changed to all snow over the next two hours with the exact time of changeover depending on the specific location. Areas farther from the lake tended to switch to snow faster. Lower elevations experienced a mix of rain and snow or stayed mostly rain. Moderate to heavy snow fell from mid-morning to early afternoon and what a sight! Temperatures at or above 35 degrees, no problem. High May sun angle, so what? Warmed ground, forget it! Snow accumulated 1 to 3 inches anyway. The snow decreased in intensity around 2 PM and started mixing with rain after 3 PM. The low temperature for the 24-hour day at the Duluth International Airport really was just 35 degrees and occurred during the heavier snowfall.

No, this was not a major event in terms of snow accumulation but it was the most so late in the season that this observer has seen. The specific snow total at the National Weather Service in Duluth was 2.4 inches. Personal total was 2.3 inches. The storm boosted the monthly snow total at the National Weather Service to 13.3 inches, breaking the previous record of 8.1 inches set in 1954.