Snow Season Summary for Duluth, MN

All specific snow amounts listed in the summary are valid for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Duluth, MN unless otherwise specified.

Summary for Winter 2021-2022

The National Weather Service in Duluth recorded a total snowfall of 94.2 inches which is above the seasonal average of 90.2 inches. The total includes a major storm that occurred from February 21 to February 23 that dumped 10 to 20 inches in the area. Snow from Lake Superior greatly enhanced the totals. Most of the enhancement occurred along the immediate lake shore in Duluth but also in the far west end of Duluth including Gary New Duluth and in the city of Superior, WI. The National Weather Service measured one of the lesser amounts of 10.4 inches as that location was only brushed buy the west side of the bands of snow off the lake.

The other notable feature of the season, at least for the higher elevations of Duluth, was the late season surge of snow in April. The National Weather Service in Duluth reported 19.2 inches for the month. April was also very wet in terms of lots of rain falling. Total liquid equivalent was 4.02 inches compared to a normal of 2.53 inches. A procession of low pressure systems from the west and southwest produced precipitation on most of the days of the month. With Duluth siting along the edge of the cold air for most of these storms, the slightest adjustment in temperatures would have made a big difference in snowfall. A little colder and its 40 inches. A little warmer and its almost all rain.

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