About Me

I like snow, PERIOD.   No snow, NO GO!

I worked professionally as a meteorologist for 17 years into the Year 2006. I worked as a television and industrial meteorologist in Florida for a little over two years. For fifteen years I worked for the National Weather Service doing a variety of work such as forecasting, computer programming, and storm damage documentation including tornado classification. I also dabbled in snow forecasting research; big surprise right? My education is a B.S. degree in meteorology and a B.S. degree in computational math with a concentration in numerical analysis. From 2006 I pursued other interests but weather continues as an extreme hobby. Have gone SNOWstorm chasing, sometimes overnight trips.

I have researched and documented at least 125 winter storms that are in some type of readable format, including formal conference preprints, informal case studies for winter forecast training material, and articles on this website. The number does not include most of the storms I entered into the Storm Data and Unusual Weather Phenomenon journal published by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). I participated in this project for five years covering 23 counties in central Missouri for the first half of that time then 23 counties in northeast Kansas.

Most of the articles on the website are fairly brief. I hope to give enough information on each topic to get readers interested in learning more. New articles will be added and revisions to existing articles made until the day I die or an EMP attack occurs, whichever comes first. My focus is on winters in Duluth, Minnesota but other regions such as the Southern Appalachian Mountains and the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest also capture my interest more than other areas of the United States.