About Me

What can I say? The name of the website gives me away. I like snow! I chase snow!

I worked professionally in meteorology for 17 years into 2006. Afterward I went off to other pursuits but continued studying independently. Some of that education is incorporated into this website. Although short, my career was diverse. The list below shows some highlights.

Industrial forecasting for construction and shipping

Media broadcasting in primarily television voice-over format

National Weather Service public forecasting and warnings

Aviation forecasting

Upper air balloon (Radiosonde) releases

Case studies of mostly winter storms for personal education and training of other meteorologists

Two coauthored research articles for weather forecasting conferences

Five year contributor of storm damage documentation and tornado classifications to the "Storm Data" publication produced by the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information

Software development for two local National Weather Service Offices

For my formal education, I have a BS degree in Meteorology. I also have a BS degree in Math with the specific curriculum in computational math. Computational math is an interdisciplinary field that combines math and computer science into one curriculum. I consider it a good compliment to meteorology or any other area of physical science.