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Actually I have never lived in Anchorage but still find the area's weather intriguing. Seasonal snowfall at the Anchorage International Airport is 70.6 inches based on 59 years of climatology ending in 2002. Based on the 30 year running climatology (1981 to 2010) the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport receives 74.5 inches, with 78.9 inches at Elmendorf Air Force Base, and 82.1 inches at the National Weather Service Forecast Office.

Anchorage, Alaska's snowfall potential is limited by mountains to the south and east which block much of the Pacific moisture. In spite of the mountains, heavy snowfalls do still occur. A local case study, listed below, examines a unique storm which dumped heavy snow over a very limited area including the core of Anchorage itself. Surrounding communities received much less.

Research and Case Studies

The St. Patricks Day Snowstorm, 2002, Anchorage, Alaska - Joel Curtis, John Papineau, Carven Scott, Weather Forecast Office, Anchorage, Alaska; Kent Johnson, Meteorological Service of Canada

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