Snow with Cloud-To-Ground Lightning

Duluth, MN

April 5, 2008

Actually, this was a minor event as far as snowfall totals are concerned but it is forgiven because (Yes!) Cloud-to-ground lightning. My first time observing such. Just six days later I would see MORE cloud-to-ground lighting but with a lot more snow and winds gusting over 60 mph.

As far as THIS event is concerned, hail and rain started about 7:15 PM CST. Snow mixed in toward 8 PM. At times the precipitation would turn briefly to all snow but overall it fell as a mix of rain, snow, snow pellets, and hail. Thunder also started at 8 PM with some cloud-to-ground lightning occasionally visible. The thunder was so constant it almost sounded like an distant airplane approaching from the southwest. At 8:30 PM precipitation abruptly changed to snow again then continued to 9:40 PM but some snow pellets mixing in at times after 9 PM. Fat mushy flakes producing 1 inch of dense dripping wet accumulation. Thunder ended around 9 PM. After 9:40 PM, only very light small snow pellets or grains to around 10 PM.