New Years Day Fireworks!
Duluth, MN

January 1, 2005

Fire crackers and smoke bombs?...Don't need them!

How is this for fireworks? Two hours of thundersnow dumped 5 inches of dense snow in two hours from 6:25 PM to 8:35 PM. Three inches fell the first hour. Two inches fell the second hour. The National Weather Service measured 3.5 inches in one hour, then 2.5 inches the next.

I jumped in the air the moment the first lighting flashed simultaneously with a loud, sharp crack of thunder. The lightning was not really a surprise since thunderstorms were clearly evident on radar approaching from the south. But even when I'm looking for it I still get shocked. GOT TO LOVE IT!

Overall lighting and thunder occurred 6 times. The lightning was particularly deep blue in color, more so than in other thundersnow events.

Snow pellets mixed into the snow, adding to the density of the snow pack. Heavy snow and wind produced near whiteout conditions. During one particularly intense burst of snow, a snow plow and several other vehicles behind it pulled over and stopped along the side of the road.

This storm was not the biggest of the season but it was certainly the most fun. Total accumulations included 9.5 inches at the National Weather Service and 7 inches near my residence.

Storm images compliments of the National Centers for Environmental Information

6 PM CST January 1st, 2005

7 PM CST January 1st, 2005

8 PM CST January 1st, 2005

9 PM CST January 1st, 2005