April 2013, Duluth, MN

Personal Totals:    April 51.1   Season 128.7
NWS DLH Totals:    April 50.8   Season 129.4

Officially at NWS DLH April 2013 was the snowiest month on record. Previous record was 50.1 in November 1991. April 2013 CRUSHED the previous April record of 31.6 set in 1950. Also note that the first day of measurable snowfall was the 5th and the last day the 23rd so the 50.8 inches fell in only 19 days!

Additional Highlights based on personal records:
* Two storms in excess of 12 inches
* Three storms in excess of 10 inches (including the two 12+ inch storms
* Two storms with THUNDERSNOW
* On April 22nd 7.0 inches of snow accumulation in two hours from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM