About Me

My life as a meteorologist is one of the most varied of any that I know. Although I worked in the field professionally for only 18 years, I continued my study beyond that point. Most of the material on this website is a result of some of that study. The following list catalogues my many experiences. A Jack of all trades but a master of nothing so I keep studying.


Bachelor of Science in Meteorology - North Carolina State University

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Computational) - University of Minnesota Duluth

Skills and Work Experience

Research Technician in Mountains of North Carolina: Running up and down a tower on top of a mountain to collect cloud water and perform chemical composition tests [Put this at/toward the end]

Industrial Forecasting for Agriculture, Construction, and Shipping

Forecasting for Television Media Including On-Air Presentation

National Weather Service Forecasting: Aviation, Marine, Public, and Short-Fuse Warnings

Upper Air Balloon (Radiosonde) Releases

Weather Briefings to Pilots

Case Studies of Mainly Winter Storms Mostly Informal for Local Weather Office Use but including Two Coauthored Publications

Software Development to Support Local Weather Service Office Operations

Severe Storm Investigation and Damage Assessments, Including Tornado Scale Classification, Contributed to the "Storm Data Publication" of the National Centers for Environmental Information

A Variety of Discussions for Website Purposes including Winter Climate Profiles for Specific Cities, Storm Summaries, Winter Precipitation Processes, and Local Scale Weather Influences

Snowstorm Chasing...No, Really